Type Activated Item
Max stack 1
Rare Rarity color 3

Mirrors are the unique activated items added by Split mod. There are 6 mirrors in total and all of them have different effects, such as temporarily buff or random teleportation. Every mirror has its own DeBuffUnholyEssence cooldown, while its active you can't use any of them. You can craft a mirror with BlankRing Empty Mirror, ElementOfAncient Elements of Ancient and appropriate gems, or get it by finding DustyMirror Dusty Mirror in chests and then using it. Mirrors also have a durability. Amount of uses depends on how did you get it. Crafted mirror can be used 10 times, while a found one will have from 2 to 7. When the uses run out, mirror is cracking, but you still can use it with a 10% chance of complete break. While mirror is cracked you can repair it with 1 appropriate gem and a BottleOfGlue Bottle of glue at Heavy Work Bench Heavy Work Bench. If the mirror breaks, it turns into BlankRing Empty Mirror, and you can use it to craft a new one.

Effects and Crafts of the Mirrors

Mirror Description Duration/Cooldown Craft
DefRing Relay Mirror Right Click to save location, use to teleport Cross / 10 sec. 1 BlankRing + 25 ElementOfAncient + 3 Diamond at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
RevRing Mirror of Revelations Lights up area around cursor 1 min. / 2 min. 1 BlankRing + 15 ElementOfAncient + 3 Topaz at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
ManaRing Starpower Mirror Moderately increases mana regeneration 10 sec. / 45 sec. 1 BlankRing + 15 ElementOfAncient + 3 Sapphire at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
ExploreRing Twilight Mirror Teleports to a random location in the world Cross / 25 sec. 1 BlankRing + 25 ElementOfAncient + 3 Amethyst at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
RelayRing Mirror of Patronage Summons defensive Emerald Spirits 15 sec. / 30 sec. 1 BlankRing + 20 ElementOfAncient + 3 Emerald at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
VitRing Mirror of Renewal Increases regeneration of owner and nearby teammates 30 sec. / 1 min. 30 sec. 1 BlankRing + 20 ElementOfAncient + 3 Ruby at DemonAltar/CrimsonAltar
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