Damage 10 / 15
Defense 15

Librarian — is an NPC, which can be found frozen in the Ice Cube at Stranded Ship. You need to use Fire Salts on Ice Cube to unfreeze him and access his shop. If you're lucky enough to find Reading Glasses, you can give them back to Librarian, and he will be glad to lower the prices by 50%.


Item Price Conditions
MonolithTome Monolith Tome Gold coin All the time
EnchantedArrow Enchanted Arrow Gold coin All the time
CommunicationWithYourServants 'Communication with your servants' Gold coin All the time
TheHomeward 'The Homeward' Gold coin After defeating Eye of Cthulhu
PyromancerTome Tome of Pyromancy 16 Gold coin After defeating Skeletron
DeadSeaScroll Dead Sea Scroll 10 Gold coin During hardmode


When saved:

"Who... who are you? And... why are we underground?"


"Can't believe that I'm the only one who did not freeze to death... Even these fools that loved to banter with me, locking the cabin or hide my books, they not deserve such fate."

"Apparently, our ship has been buried in the ground long enough.. Glad my books have survived."

"What literature do you prefer? My assortment is not great, but I hope you will find something interesting for yourself."

"I don't remember much about what happened before we met.. Our ship was attacked and then the captain decided to lock me in a safe along with books and drawings, so as not to lose them, and... you know the rest."

"The captain often secluded on the lower floor of the ship and performed experiments. I do remember he was studying some sort of crystal and forbade anyone to contact this thing.."

"My momma always said, «Life was like a newspaper. You never know whether you're reading the truth or lies»"

When player returns Reading Glasses:

"What's it? You found my glasses? Oh.. Thank you so much! You have no idea how hard it was for me to read without them. Don't even know how ever repay you.. All I have left is books.. You know, I think I have an idea. How about... a small discount? It's an honor for me if you appreciate my modest collection in its entirety!"

During the party:

"I'd invite my friends to a party, but they're all dead... Don't worry, I'm used to celebrating alone."


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  • Cairo
  • Finn
  • Frolo
  • Tarlon
  • Duke
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