Genoshi the Keeper


Damage 10 / 15
Defense 15

Genoshi the Keeper is an NPC, which will arrive after defeating the Spirit.

He can sell you different stuff and exchange some special items for something else. If you have these special items the Exclamation point will pop up above his head.

Also, items (that you can give him) have a note about it in their description.


BrassShield Brass Shield Gold coin All the time
GoldenSickle Golden Sickle Gold coin All the time
MaskOfTheFather Mask of the Father Gold coin All the time
MagnetQuiver Magnet Quiver Gold coin During the night
SwarmOfWrath Swarm of Wrath Gold coin After defeating Brain of Cthulhu/Eater of Worlds
KingsBounty 'King's Bounty' Gold coin 50 Silver coin During the hardmode
SacrificalBand Sacrifical Band Gold coin During hardmode night
TheBreakerPoint The Breaker Point 15 Gold coin After defeating first mechanical boss


SkullHeart SkullHeart to SagesHead Sage's Head
BoneRing Bone Ring to BlueTearstoneRing Blue Tearstone Ring
CharmOfAnger Charm of Anger to RingOfSun Ring of Sun

ElementOfAncient Element of Ancient (100)

Frost Core Frost Core to IceFairyStaff Ice Fairy Staff
Ice Feather Ice Feather to GlassWings Glass Wings
Dark Shard Dark Shard to ElementOfDarkness Element of Darkness (100)
Light Shard Light Shard to ElementOfLight Element of Light (100)

SkullHeart Skull Heart

Is that a Skullheart? It seems that you've found this after the fight with Spirit... She was just moving in and picking up things until.. well, until you interrupted her. So... what do I mean? If you do not need this item, let me give it to Spirit. Of course, for a reason, cause I can exchange it for an accessory, which gives a fair bonus for summoner!

Oh... what have you got there? The Skullheart? Sounds familiar to me... "The heart appears every seven years and fulfills any desire made by a woman" ...Anyway, these old legends are none of our business. I can exchange this item for an artifact that increases damage for every minion you summon! So... what do you think?

BoneRing Bone Ring

I see you found the Bone ring. Thing is good, but very specific. I think I have another ring that will definitely do you a favor. A Blue Tearstone ring will greatly enhance your defence when you are left with little health. I can exchange it for your Bone ring, if you're interested, of course.

CharmOfAnger Charm Of Anger

What have you got there? Oh, this artifact looks like a Talisman of Anger! It's gives to owner a great power, but it's quite difficult to control. I don't think it's ever be useful for me, but I'd love to add it to my rare accessories collection. Offer to exchange it for a Ring of Sun - this artifact can increase the effectiveness of different health potions!

Well, well, well. The Ring of Sun... Sun... Oh yeah! These artifacts were used by ancient clerics, who were able to harness their power and turn it to advantage. While this ring on your finger, you will be able to get one and a half times more benefit from health potions. I will give it in exchange for your Talisman of Rage.
Just keep in mind that such rings are very rare and.. Okay, who am I kidding? I have about five or six of these rings.. I don't even remember where I found them... In any case, I'll be glad if this ring will serve you well!

Frost Core Frost Core

Oh.. what do I see! You've got the Golem's Frost core! As far as I know, this rare resource required to craft a special, Frost armor... You know, I have something I could exchange for this. A magic staff that allows you to summon an ice fairies to fight for you! Sounds intriguing, isn't it? Welp, it's cold, I guess.


First Quote

  • "Good to see you, buddy! I see you got here without any problems! And I see that you finally started to gather the elements, and when you master all twelve, we can finally get back to the Nexus!
    I'm sorry that I arrived so late, I was doing an important assignment.. But now I'm free and I can stay here longer! Tell me if you'll need help."


  • "Oh, Spirit... she told me a lot about you. I'll tell you by secret - your fighting style greatly confused her."
  • "Do you know that on the Nexus I was appointed as a Keeper! Sounds awesome, right? Although I never understood what I was keeping, but.. I'll figure it out somehow."
  • "I'm sorry, but I'm not ready to show you my entire assortment at once. You have to be responsible for the power that will be granted to you. Seriously, I'm watching your progress."
  • "Sorry for being blunt, mate, but I thought you were taller."
  • "Spirit... she still regrets that she attacked you. I told her that new students can be sent in the Terraria, but forgot to mention that they can possibly be humans... She just haves some.. personal 'problems', associated with humans."
  • "You know, being a collector of pretty difficult.. especially because of the temptation to sell all collected. Fortunately, you can help me in this. If you find something interesting, bring it to me, and I will exchange it to special weapons and equipment!"
  • "In this world, there are strong creatures that guarding a large number of elements. You get them if you can defeat these creatures, but alas, the subsequent battles will bring much less profit."
  • "Forgive me if I am.. slightly obsessive in my proposals. Do not misunderstand me - your path will be difficult and I want to help you, but I also need something to live. You help me, I help you, all to be honest!"

When Dryad is present

  • Well, Dryad told me about her adventures in Eternia. I don't know why, but it looks like she misses those days.
  • Yeah, a lot has changed in my absence. Except the Dryad - she is still grouchy.

When Travelling Merchant is present

  • Do you know this 'travelling merchant'? I think his name is [Name of Travelling Merchant] ...Forget about him. This guy always tries to find something worthwhile, but he generally finds junk. Though, to tell the truth.. those cloaks were really good.

When Tavernkeep is present

  • I have to say, it used to be much quieter here. No anomalies, no travelers from other dimensions. Look at this tavernkeep guy. He doesn't even remember how he got here! Not world, but a public thoroughfare...

When Librarian is present

  • You should be more careful with that.. librarian. It seems to me that his ordinary appearance hides another interdimensional traveler.. Or it's just a regular merchant.. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled.
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