Craft Stations

Station Description Obtained from
StoneOfInspiration Stone of Inspiration Can be used as a Demon/Crimson Altar and to transform items into their reinforced counterparts. 1 SkullHeart + 18 Shadow Scale + 30 Ebonstone Block at IronAnvil/LeadAnvil
SeefeldsForge Seefeld's Forge Can be used to craft Tulanite and Bloodstone bars aswell as the Black Alloy. 15 Bloodstone + 1 PoorUnfortunateSoul + 15 Obsidian + 15 Stone Block at IronAnvil/LeadAnvil
Amplifier Amplifier Can be used to craft items from Moon Dust. Smallshot


Item Description Obtained from
HobgoblinBanner Banners Increased damage and defense from the following: [enemy name(s)] Banner automatically appears in the player's inventory on every 50th kill of certain enemy in a particular world.
CursedSphere Cursed Sphere Temporarily increases your max health by 5 for each summoned minion 15 Obsidian + 1 Obsidian Skull + 10 Ether + 15 GlassBlock + 12 SharpNail at IronAnvil/LeadAnvil
TeslaTower Tesla Tower Creates electrical charges Sold by Magician
Bonfire Bonfire Temporarily increases your movement speed by 30% 15 Obsidian + 3 BlackAlloy + 9 BurningCoal at IronAnvil/LeadAnvil

Music Boxes

Box Source Listen
MysteriousPerson Mysterious Person Talk with Spirit
StrandedShip Stranded Ship Stranded ship


Boss Trophies

Trophy Boss Hardmode
SpiritTrophy Spirit Trophy Spirit Cross
OneShotTrophy One-shot Trophy Smallshot Cross


Painting Author Obtained from
TheTremor The Tremor 'H. Zihmer' Can be found at Stranded ship
TheThunderbolt The Thunderbolt 'O. Loneshot' Can be found at Stranded ship
OneSmallStepForMe 'One Small Step For Me...' 'O. Loneshot' Can be found at Stranded ship
ChildOfTheCorn Child Of The Corn 'H. Zihmer' Can be found at Stranded ship
TheIntruder The Intruder 'J. Spips' Sold by TwilightWalker
Loneliness Loneliness 'A. Jackspy' Sold by Traveling Merchant


Statue Function Obtained from
HuskStatue Husk Statue Summons Husk Can be found in Underground
ShovelStatue Shovel Statue Cross Can be found in Underground
CultistStatue Cultist Statue Does "Lunatic Cultist death" sound Can be found in Underground

Furniture Sets

Frostbite Wood
FrostbiteWoodBookcase Frostbite Wood Bookcase FrostbiteWoodBed Frostbite Wood Bed FrostbiteWoodBathtub Frostbite Wood Bathtub
FrostbiteSwordRack Frostbite Sword Rack FrostbiteBarrel Frostbite Barrel FrostbiteHelmetRack Frostbite Helmet Rack
FrostbiteKnifeRack Frostbite Knife Rack FrostbiteMap Frostbite Map FrostbiteSail Frostbite Sail
FrostbiteSpearRack Frostbite Spear Rack FrostbiteWoodCandle Frostbite Wood Candle FrostbiteWoodCandelabra Frostbite Wood Candelabra
FrostbiteWoodChair Frostbite Wood Chair FrostbiteWoodChandelier Frostbite Wood Chandelier FrostbiteWoodChest Frostbite Wood Chest
FrostbiteWoodDoor Frostbite Wood Door FrostbiteWoodDresser Frostbite Wood Dresser FrostbiteWoodFence Frostbite Wood Fence
FrostbiteWoodGrandfatherClock Frostbite Wood Grandfather Clock FrostbiteWoodLamp Frostbite Wood Lamp FrostbiteWoodWorkbench Frostbite Wood Workbench
FrostbiteWoodWall Frostbite Wood Wall FrostbiteWoodLantern Frostbite Wood Lantern FrostbiteWoodPiano Frostbite Wood Piano
FrostbiteWoodPlatform Frostbite Wood Platform FrostbiteWoodSink Frostbite Wood Sink FrostbiteWoodSofa Frostbite Wood Sofa
FrostbiteWoodTable Frostbite Wood Table WoodenKnight Wooden Knight WoodenSoldier Wooden Soldier

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