0.2.3 update added the new soundtrack, changed elements drop mechanic and changed the way enchanted mirrors work.


  • Fixed error in Gravekeeper’s set bonus tooltip.
  • Switch Caster now teleports less often.
  • Bosses drop hearts properly now.
  • Damage of some hostile projectiles was fixed.
  • Decreased duration of debuffs caused by One-shot.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors.


  • Added 12 new items, including new weapons and furniture.
  • Elements now drop only from bosses and rare enemies, and also don’t drop after player’s death in Expert mode.
  • New enemy, which can be found during night in Crimson/Corruption.
  • New soundtrack, which plays during your first encounter with Spirit.
  • Glass Wings are no longer sold by Magician, but instead of this, Genoshi can exchange them for Ice Feather.
  • Vamplified Ring, Dead Sea Scroll and other Librarian’s books now have cooldown icon (like healing potions in vanilla)
  • Effects of some weapons were changed.
  • All the enchanted mirrors were reworked: now they have fixed durability and also got brand new effects.
  • Increased drop chance of some rare items.
  • Now you can find some Tulanite bars in Dungeon chests.
  • Only one Colossus can appear simultaneously on-screen during the Blood Moon.
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