FANDOM update added useful items for summoner class, improved items from previous versions of mod and fixed some imperfections.


  • Ring of Sun now works fine with “Leveled Mod”
  • Elements of water now drop properly by Piranhas
  • Fixed haircuts displaying issue when hats from mod are equipped
  • Vamplified ring now works on melee projectiles (boomerangs & etc)
  • Enemies’ projectiles now deal proper damage
  • One-shot’s ice cube now respawns properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed hitboxes for Witness and Rebellious Wisp
  • All materials now stacks to 999
  • Sentinels now have immunity to lava


  • About 15 new items, most of them are related to summoner class
  • New enemy that spawns in Underground Hallow biome
  • Some recipes have been simplified
  • Added new effects and attacks for some weapons
  • Stranded ship’s location is now displayed on map after defeating Spirit
  • Enchanted mirrors now can be used 5 times without breaking and will only break after with 10% chance per use
  • Effects for “Immobilized” и "Purity" buffs have been changed
  • Now Ice Fairy can inflict Frostburn debuff on enemies and doesn't attack friendly NPCs
  • Now you can find Anxiousness and Purifying potions in golden chests with some chance.
  • Now you can find Slime Staff in living wood chest with 50% chance
  • Some sprites for items and enemies have been changed
  • Changed behaviour of Rebellious Wisp
  • Increased spawn rate of Witnesses, Headless & Faceless pirates
  • Opening Magician’s chest now costs golden key like it was before, chest can be detected by the Lifeform analyzer and it’s spawn rate has been increased.
  • Now enemies attack you only if you are in their field of vision
  • One-shot now have immunity to Frostburn debuff
  • Added some new phrases for NPCs (also during a party time)
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