FANDOM update served to fix some bugs from previous updates.


  • Partially fixed an error which occurs while creating new world.
  • Now bosses disappear correctly if player gets too far from any of them or uses a Magic Mirror/Recall potion.
  • Now bosses appear much closer to player now.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in NPCs’ quotes.


  • Added Ice Fairy staff, Mystic Quiver and new painting.
  • Resprites for Jack Frost, gemmed hats and Mask of the Father.
  • Removed all bewitched robes. Now you can use ordinary gemmed robes to get the set bonus.
  • Added extra tooltips to items that can be exchanged with Genoshi.
  • Spirit no longer deals touch damage.
  • Trolls and Hobgoblins got a short delay before attack.
  • Hobgoblins, Cave imps, and Sentinels no longer appear in dungeon.
  • Increased spawn rate for Witnesses, Faceless and Headless pirates and Switch-Casters.
  • Tulanite bars can be crafted only on a Seefeld's forge now.
  • Slightly reduced damage for Eye of Belial and Swarm of Wrath.
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