0.2.2 update served to fix some bugs from previous updates.


  • Significantly reduced amount of element drops and their amount in crafting recipes.
  • Fixed most of multiplayer related bugs, including the disappearance of some monsters without dropping loot and more.
  • You can use Platinum armor or Ancient Gold Helmet to craft Moon Prince's set
  • Twilight Walker won't die before you find him.
  • Increased chance to find Twilight Walker.
  • Enemy spawn rate is reduced during mod bossfights.
  • Lots of small bugfixes.


  • Stranded Ship was redesigned, so its generation process is much faster and there are more chests with more loot.
  • 30 new items, including new weapons and accesories.
  • More items to exchange with Genoshi.
  • You can use Flamethrower or Elf Melter to melt ice cubes on Stranded Ship.
  • Trolls petrify on dawn.
  • Updated descriptions for some items.
  • Crafting recipes for Frostbite Wood and Frostbite Sail.
  • Twilight Walker can appear on surface of corruption/crimson during the night, which makes it easier to find him.
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